Tactical Automated Security System (TASS)

The Tactical Automated Security System (TASS) is a rapidly deployable, easily transportable, and quickly relocatable integrated electronic security system that can be tailored for a wide variety of semi-permanent, portable, and covert applications. An integral part of the Integrated Base Defense Security System (IBDSS), TASS detects intrusions into protected areas, directs responding forces to the intruders, and assesses the strength and composition of the intruding force. Securing bases and installations worldwide, the system enhances the warfighters' capability for early detection and identification of threats to prevent damage or destruction of mission critical assets and facilitates the collection of critical intelligence information.

Thales Communications provides the TASS data communications element. It consists of Radio Frequency (RF) transmission networks for reporting alarm data from fielded communications modules to various annunciator levels, which include the Hand Held Monitor. It provides user-configurable channels, at 12.5 KHz channel spacing within the 138-174 MHz and 406-470 MHz frequency bands, and provides RF communications for worldwide deployment and use. During qualification, the TASS RF communication link was shown to extend over five miles, without repeaters.